Lokuttara Mahavihara

Lokuttara Mahavihara Most venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero after completion of his studies and learnings in Buddhism in Thailand, for twenty years, came back to India in 2001, to preach and propagate the Dhamma. He selected Aurangabad as his headquarter as this is city with lot of ancient Buddhist caves around including Ajanta caves and is very holy place. Also in Aurangabad, the Buddhist ... Read More


Monks training

Monks training

Ven. Bodhipalo Mahathero is very well respected monk

Sunday Dhamma School

Sunday Dhamma School

Because of the initiation and constant persuasion

Shramner/Shramneri Camps

Shramner/Shramneri Camps

Under the guidance and leadership of Venerable

Vippassana Meditation Camps

Vippassana Meditation Camps

Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero, has learned vippassan as

Special Programmes/ Discourses on Every Full Moon Day

Special Programmes ...

On every full moon day, there is special programme

Organization of various Dhamma Programmes in Maharashatra

Organization of various ...

Apart from Aurangabad city and various activities in

Residential Monks Training Centre-Future plans for the Expansion

Residential Monks Training ...

Most Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero plans to build

Vision of Most Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero

Vision of Most Venerable ...

Most Venerable feels that in this modern world, peoples minds are