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Lokuttara Mahavihara

Lokuttara Mahavihara Most venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero after completion of his studies and learnings in Buddhism in Thailand, for twenty years, came back to India in 2001, to preach and propagate the Dhamma. He selected Aurangabad as his headquarter as this is city with lot of ancient Buddhist caves around including Ajanta caves and is very holy place. Also in Aurangabad, the Buddhist population is more than 500,000 and since he had studied initially here, he knew the people around. To set up a monastery from where he can teach and propagate, he with the help of local upaskas, purchased 7 acres of land at Chowka village, about 14 kms. Away from Aurangabad on very famous Ajanta caves road. The location of the vihara is very scenic and serene with small hill behind it and a water pond at the side of it. It is on main road and easily accessible.

Bhikkhu-Sanghasena-About1 The vihara was built in 2005 from the donations of the various upasakas and major donation came from Mrs. Kuniko Uno from Japan. The main building of vihara is 80sq feet x 84 sq feet and is very beautifully designed by Mr. Sandeep Kamble, who is a reknowned Buddhist Architect. It consists of dome shaped Stupa, and can accommodate atleast 100 people for meditation inside the hall. Built by special design, there is no pillar inside the dome. The pillars outside are designed as per the designs in the very famous Ajanta Caves. The pinnacle is as from the Bodhgaya Mahavihara. The statues of Buddha inside Vihara are very beautifull and are from Thailand. Overall it gives a very nice calm and peacefull look to the whole premises with hill at the back of the vihara.

Bhikkhu-Sanghasena-About3 There is also a residential guest house, built for the people coming for various residential courses such as Vippassana/meditation courses, Shramner camps etc, where 15..20 persons can stay. The construction to build 2nd floor has already started. It will create residential place for 15 people more. So there will be capacity of 40 persons staying in this guest house.
Venerable has his own residence in the complex. There are also rooms for junior monks/desciples of Most Venerable.

Bhikkhu-Sanghasena-About4 Government of Maharashtra has also acknowledged the importance of this Centre and officially has declared it as a Pilgrimage site.

Since there is lot of demand for various courses, Most Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero has now decided to set up full fledged residential Monks Training Centre, which will be able to accommodate 80-100 monks. This would be very historical project, as it would be first such training Centre in India for Indian monks and many senior ven. Monks from Srilanka, Thailand,Burma, India has supported it. The construction work of this has already started.