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Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero

Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero
Chief Abbot,

Lokuttara Mahavihara, Ajanta Road, Aurangabad.

  • President: All India Bhikkhu Sangha, Maharashtra State.
  • President: Lokuttara Mahavihara Charitable Mission, Aurangabad.
  • Chairman: Takshasila Mahavihara, Ludhiyana,Punjab.
  • Chairman: Buddhist Revival Charitable Trust, Mumbai.
  • Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero is one of the most respected and very well read monk, in THEREVADA Buddhism, in India. He was Born in 1955, Maharashtra State, India
  • Education: B.Sc. (Physics), Marathwada University, Aurangabad
  • At the very young age he was devoted to Dhamma and after his graduation, he went to Thailand for further studies in Buddhism, in 1979.
  • Venerable’s “Monk Higher Ordination” took place in Thailand in the Year 1980, under portronage of Mahachula Luangkorn RajaVidhyalaya University Bangkok, Thailand, by Venerable Phra Bimaladhamma Mahathera, Wat Mahadhataw ,Tha Phrachan, Bangkok,Thailand.
  • Venerable, learned & practiced Vipassana and other Meditation practises under guidance of Ven. U Asafa Mahathera, International for Vipassana Centre, Ehonburi,Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw, Yangoon-Burma, Ven.Mahasi Tungapula Sayadaw-Burma, Ven. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu-Suanmokha, Ven. Achan Chamnieng-Krabhi Province.
  • He also learned Abhidhamma, Nakadhamma, Pali Grammer in Wat, Mahadhatu Bangkok.